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Painless upgrades, fast integration with Avalue COM module products

September 23, 2020, Taiwan, Taipei – As a member of Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, industrial embedded PC maker Avalue Technology (stock code: 3479) endeavors to provide a complete range of embedded solutions, developing various embedded mainboards, systems and related solutions that meet market requirements. In recent years, many countries and industries are investing in Industry 4.0, and smart manufacturing and automation. As personalization, customization, and fast development and integration, become the key trends, the manufacturing industry needs to change in order to meet market requirements. In the last 20 years, Avalue has focused on developing embedded industrial computers that meet industrial needs, investing heavily in R&D manpower and resources to create solutions that benefit both Avalue and the market, including embedded system, embedded computing, embedded COM Express, industrial motherboards, panel PC, Barebone, tablet, Industry 4.0 solutions, retail solutions, medical solutions and diverse range of IoT applications.

COM Express is a computer-on-module standard defined by PICMG (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group). Each module integrates CPU, chipset, memory and evaluation board for peripheral devices. It is the ideal choice for customization as it adopts a standardized specification. All it takes for developers to upgrade their equipment is to replace the CPU module with one that meets their performance requirements. There is no need to redesign the entire motherboard, and it greatly increases product development speed while significantly reducing development cycle and development risks. COM Express defines three standard module sizes, i.e. compact (95x95mm), basic (95x125mm) and extended (155x110mm), and the mini size (84x55mm) which was added later. Avalue COMe encompasses everything from the different types (Type 6, Type 10, etc.), sizes (mini, compact, basic, etc.), to even smaller size Qseven, evaluation carrier boards and SMARC. Suitable for different environments, Avalue COMe products are small in size and fanless, feature wide-temperature operating range, and provide customized BIOS. CPUs used include Intel’s low-power Atom and high-performance multicore i-series, and ARM and AMD architectures. Based on PICMG standard, sufficient signal sources, such as DDI, PCI Express, SATA, USB, SMBus, LPC and DIO, are provided to meet the requirements of different carrier boards, allowing for easy adoption and use.

Accelerated development and integration, suitable for diverse market applications

Embedded COM Express features high performance, stability, expandability, low power consumption and modularity. Developed using the modular concept, Avalue COMe products effectively help customers shorten product development time, are highly compatible with various types of applications and for use in harsh environments, creating infinite possibilities for customers in product development. Avalue COMe products also satisfy the diverse application requirements of vertical embedded market, including HMI for industrial measurements, military industry, transportation applications, smart healthcare, automation, professional gambling, multimedia entertainment system, smart surveillance and sensory interactive digital display. Not only do Avalue COMe products enable immediate upgrades, and fast and painless product transition experience, each module also has a lifespan of over 10 years, ensuring maximum lifecycle benefits.

Strong technical support, made-in-Taiwan professional quality

Professional R&D support

With 20 years of extensive hands-on experience, Avalue can confidently meet any customer requirement in the diverse and high-tech COMe application market, providing a wide range of R&D reference documents and services, including design guide, design review, carrier board schematic, mechanical drawing, thermal drawing and thermal simulation. Avalue also assumes the role of consultant to help designers find a solution whenever a design problem arises. Avalue’s comprehensive OEM/ODM services strive to satisfy every customer requirement, including software customization, BIOS editing, OS image production, device driver, BSP support and production test program. For details, go to


R&D design quality validation

It is no easy feat to pass Avalue R&D validation team’s quality testing. Its immaculately thorough and detailed testing plans encompass electrical test, signal measurement, function test, hardware compatibility test, software compatibility test, product lifespan assessment, electromagnetic compatibility test, safety test, transportation simulation test, thermal flow test and reliability test. Avalue only delivers impeccable design quality.

Professional technical services

Avalue deploys dedicated technical support teams for different regions around the world. Long-term cooperation with a dedicated team not only builds familiarity but also improves communication efficiency. Avalue customer service personnel’s extensive hands-on experience also ensures swift response to a wide variety of situations and problems encountered by customers. Furthermore, through My Avalue technical support platform, customers can effectively interact with relevant specialists to find solutions, freeing up their time to focus on their strengths, whether in product sales, field applications or software development. After-sales service platforms, such as RMA and DOA, also provide better experience for customers in terms of timeliness and service quality. For details, go to https://myavalue.avalue.com.tw/login.aspx

Avalue COMe product highlights:

Type 10:ESM-APLM



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Visit www.avalue.com.tw for more information on Avalue products, or contact sales@avalue.com.tw to talk to our sales team.

About Avalue Technology

Avalue Technology (TAIEX: 3479-TW) is a professional industrial computer manufacturing company, who is dedicated to developing the x86 and RISC architecture products, including Industrial & Embedded Motherboard, Industrial Computer, Panel PC, System On Module, POS Terminal, Tablet, Software and various IOT ready products. Having expanded, Avalue offers its expertise on PCB/ Assembly/ BIOS version control and all types of after-sales services. An ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2018 certified company; Avalue offers assurance to customers in every aspect of business. With headquarter located in Taiwan, Avalue has global subsidiaries, including offices in Shanghai, New Jersey, California and Tokyo. In addition, Avalue Technology operates an extensive distribution network to accommodate and serve customers all around the world.


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